About us

We are the best technological ally for your business.

We focus on generating digital transformation solutions through innovation, technology, creativity and quality that help you maximize your potential, and of course, always accompanied by excellent customer service.

We want to tell you a little bit about who we are and where we come from.

In the search for a brand that fused an element of nature that had a presence throughout America and at the same time described our essence, we came up with the name "Wiedii", which comes from the Leopardus Wiedii, a feline that inhabits the entire American continent and having a friendly appearance and at the same time being strong and wild, perfectly describes our philosophy, principles and way of working.

Our Team

More than 8 years making technology a transformation strategy for the region

Wiedii is proud to have highly qualified collaborators, with excellent professional training and excellent personal values, who drive the company to continue growing.

Below we invite you to meet each of the people whose leadership and example make it possible to continue growing and contributing to each of our clients.

Andrés Mauricio Gutiérrez

CEO - Co Founder

Dallana Figueroa Rolón

Administrative Management Leader

Javier Eduardo Carvajal

Project Manager

David Alvarado Muñoz

Commercial Management Leader

Duban García Rodríguez

Development Architect

Jhon Alexis Quintero

IT Management Leader

Jeny Carolina Vargas

Design Management Leader (UX/UI)

María del Mar Triana

Leader of Audiovisual Management and Digital Communication

Laura Patricia Guerrero

Quality Management Leader

Leidy Mariana Tarazona

Digitalization Coordinator

Olga Fabiola Contreras

Documentary Audit Coordinator