A Decade of Unique Solutions: We Revolutionize the Digital Future

We celebrate 10 years of innovation and growth!

What started as a dream has become a benchmark for digital innovation and technological transformation in just ten years. Since the founding of Wiedii in 2014, we have demonstrated as a company that with vision, effort and a passionate team, it is possible to change the world from any corner of the planet.

At that time, three visionary systems engineers decided to join their talents to create innovative technological solutions. Today, with more than 130 collaborators, we have not only consolidated our position in the region, but we also export high-quality services to the United States, positioning ourselves as a regional leader that wants to continue leaving its mark in the technology sector.

With commitment and determination, our CEO and founder Andrés Gutiérrez, has managed to lead the company through important achievements and experiences. Under his leadership, Wiedii has been recognized as one of the best companies to work for in Colombia by Great Place to Work for three consecutive years. This important achievement not only highlights the quality of our work environment, but also our commitment to the inclusion and professional development of all our employees.


An Impact Beyond Technology: Our Social Commitment to the region.


In addition to focusing on technological innovation, we have also aimed at constant improvement and the development of the Cucuta community. By generating employment and opportunities, we want to consolidate and position ourselves as a fundamental pillar of the local economy. Our diverse and talented team has taken their knowledge and skills beyond Colombia's borders, creating a positive impact both nationally and internationally.

Demonstrating a strong sense of belonging to the city and the region, the company has generated interesting and competent initiatives such as Ideadores Fest, an innovative and entertaining festival aimed at young students interested in technological entrepreneurship that fosters creativity and innovation among young people, positioning Cúcuta as an epicenter of ideas and talent.

With a clear vision and a firm commitment to innovation, we want to continue projecting ourselves as key players in the technological development of the region. We will continue to promote initiatives that benefit both our team and the community, strengthening our position as a company that generates employment and exports innovation.

On this tenth anniversary, we recognize our history as a clear and inspiring example of what can be achieved with determination and creativity. We will continue to demonstrate that innovation and talent can flourish anywhere and that our city of Cúcuta is a cradle of incredible talent. We are proud to share with you what we have achieved in these ten years and we want to continue to be an example of how technology can transform lives and communities.


Cheers, for these first ten years and for all those to come!


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